Enjoy exclusive savings every day

Competitive Savings Accounts

At Travis County Credit Union you can open an account with a deposit of as little as $5. The regular savings account pays quarterly dividends based upon minimum balance requirements. This basic account opens the door to the many other credit union services, including voting privileges and the right to serve on TCCU committees.

Share Certificates

Share Certificates can be opened (with a minimum $1,000.00 deposit) which pay a higher interest rate than traditional savings accounts. Three to sixty month certificates are available through Travis County Credit Union. Dividend rates vary depending on the term of the certificate. We strive to have some of the best rates in town.

Money Market Account

Money Market accounts can be opened with a minimum opening deposit of $2,000.00. Money Market accounts provide you the value of a savings account while also providing flexibility with access similar to that of a checking account. The greater your balance, the higher the rate of return. See our Rate Sheet for current rates. There are limitations to the number of transactions that you can conduct in a month. See the current Truth in Savings CD Disclosure for more details about these limitations.

Holiday Club Accounts

Only $5.00 to Open. Make as many deposits whenever you want, whenever you can. No withdrawals permitted, to keep you and your money apart until it's time! Interest is accrued through the maturity date, which is always the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. An automatic transfer will take place on that Wednesday to make the funds available to you in your main share account. If you do need to close the account early, the entire balance will be paid back to you, but no interest will be applied. If account is closed early, it cannot be re-opened within the same offering year.